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A Story About a Smile

A Story About a Smile

Posted on 08/03/21

A Story about a Smile
Our smile is a huge part of our lives. Any time we experience happiness, greet someone or land an exciting opportunity, we smile. But if you’re not entirely happy with your smile, the biggest moments of your life can fill you with fear.
Jeanette was extremely self-conscious of her smile and always kept her closed mouth to hide her teeth. When her son announced he was getting married, Jeanette was over the moon. Then, the reality of having to keep her guard up all day long wearing a tight-lipped smile whilst the photographer clicked away, hit her. A colleague suggested Jeanette visited Dr Dan Naylor at Ruabon Road Dental Practice for a smile makeover consultation. Jeanette had the added issue of dentophobia, a common fear particularly with patients that have experienced dental trauma. Dan instantly made Jeanette feel at ease. He created a mock-up of the smile they could achieve together. Jeanette burst in to tears when she saw her future self, ‘I’d always thought that nothing could be done with my teeth, that they were a lost cause. I couldn’t believe that this could soon be my smile.’
I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette on her last day of dental treatment. As she bounded into Dr. Naylor’s surgery I would never have guessed that 18 months earlier she had been petrified of setting foot in a dental practice, had low self-esteem and constantly covered her mouth. Jeanette was totally relaxed in the dental chair, full of confidence and beaming inside and out. She told me how her smile transformation had impacted all aspects of her life and her health. She felt physically fitter, her mental well-being had improved and she was no longer anxious. This is no coincidence because each time we smile, our body releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin and our cortisol levels fall dramatically, reducing anxiety. So, with more feel-good chemicals, and less stress, the more she smiled, the happier Jeanette felt. My heart melted when Jeanette told me with happy tears in her eyes how her husband ‘fell in love with her again’.
I just love this photo of a happy, carefree, beautiful lady at her son’s big day, and the best thing is, so does Jeanette.

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