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Teeth Straightening

Gold Invisalign Provider

At Ruabon Road we offer cosmetic orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatments to our adult patients with astonishing results.

Why do I need straighter teeth?

As well as giving you the smile you always dreamed of there are health benefits to having straighter teeth.

  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Improved chewing and speech
  • Enhanced mental well-being

How do you straighten teeth?

Ruabon Road is proud to be a Gold Invisalign Provider practice, delivering straighter smiles with the best expertise and technology.

Invisalign® is the most recognised clear aligner orthodontic (brace) system, used by millions worldwide to straighten teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable, comfortable custom-made aligners (trays).

Why choose Invisalign®?

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  • Discreet - People won’t notice you are having treatment until your new smile appears. No metal wires or brackets.
  • Convenient - Change your Invisalign® trays each week in the comfort of your own surroundings. Straightforward 6 weekly appointments at the practice ensure your movements are on track. Video appointments also available.
  • Multifunctional - Make the most of your aligner time and whiten your teeth simultaneously whilst they are straightening.
  • Engaging - Join the online Invisalign® community; keep track of your progress using the MyInvisalign app and receive notifications about when to change your aligners.
  • Digital - Our itero digital scanner replaces unpleasant dental impressions. Your teeth can be visualised instantly in a digital format helping you understand the process. You will receive a video simulation of your tooth movements to show friends and family.
  • Practical - Remove your Invisalign® trays to eat, brush and floss and visit the hygienist.
  • Low risk - No wires or brackets to maintain means little risk of you needing to attend urgent appointments.
  • Affordable - Pay in monthly installments using 0% finance option.
  • Discounted - 5% discount for clients that choose to pay the full amount at the beginning of their treatment.

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What issues can Invisalign® resolve?

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Bite problems
  • Tooth wear

How does Invisalign® work?

Your Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made with proprietary SmartTrack material. They fit snugly over your teeth and are clinically proven to improve control, gently moving your teeth and even rotating them when needed. As you replace each aligner your teeth will gradually move towards your desired final position.

How long does Invisalign® treatment take?

After starting your treatment, it won’t take long until you notice a big difference in your smile. Treatment length is usually between 6 and 12 months depending on the amount and complexity of movement your teeth need. For consistent results we require you to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day, removing them to eat/drink and brush and floss only.

What will my new smile look like?

Your personalised Clincheck plan will give you a complete visualisation and 3D simulation of your desired smile but to give you an idea of how fabulous you will look with straighter teeth scan the QR code below with your phone or camera, take your selfie and see your new smile in less than 60 seconds.

Invisalign® Journey at Ruabon Road



Digital scan


Digital Clincheck treatment plan and smile visualisation


Return Consent forms and make payment


Fit aligners and begin treatment


4 / 6 week progress appointments


Treatment complete


Vivera retainers for night-time


Optional whitening

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  1. Video Consultation to discuss your objectives and a preliminary assessment - £50
  2. Digital scan and photographs - £300
  3. Digital Clincheck plan and visualisation of your proposed smile for you to consider and amend until you are 100% satisfied with your personalised treatment plan
  4. Return Consent forms and make payment
  5. Fit your aligners and begin your treatment
  6. Progress appointments every 4/6 weeks for photographs and slenderising if needed
  7. End of treatment. Fit vivera retainers to wear nightly
  8. Optional whitening of your new smile - £50

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