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Have your Chocolate and Eat it!

Have your Chocolate and Eat it!

Posted on 09/04/20

We will all be munching on a chocolate bunny or two this weekend, so follow these simple tips to enjoy your chocolate and still protect your teeth and gums.
1. Stick with chocolate. If you’re thinking about offering lollies instead of chocolate, think again. Limit your consumption of lollies and other sweet treats that are sticky or gummy. While marshmallows, caramels, and jellybeans are tasty, it’s better for you to indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate or other treats that will not stick to your teeth as easily. Additionally, avoid sweets that are very hard as they can more easily break or chip your tooth enamel.
2. Don’t be a grazer. Munching on chocolates all day long is not only bad for your waistline, but also bad for your teeth. About 20 minutes after you eat, your saliva begins to neutralise the acids that are formed by the bacteria in your mouth. The more frequently you eat, the longer your tooth enamel will be exposed to cavity-causing acids. Wait several hours between eating to keep your teeth in optimal condition.
3. Rinse it. While it may be tempting to brush after every treat, experts explain that brushing immediately after eating a starchy or sugary snack can do more damage than good. That is because your tooth enamel is softer while it is under attack from the acids in your mouth. Waiting a while will help your enamel harden. Dentists recommend simply rinsing your mouth with water after eating a sweet treat. Plain water helps the saliva do the job of neutralising the pH of the mouth.
4. Practice good oral hygiene. As always, you should brush twice a day. Be sure that you are brushing your teeth gently, with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brushing too hard can scour away tooth enamel or damage your gums. Tooth brushing should take about two or three minutes every morning and night, and you should follow your brushing with a thorough flossing at least once per day. Always go to bed with clean teeth to avoid exposing your teeth to acids all night long.
5. Drink Water frequently. If you have a very dry mouth, you are at a higher risk for cavities. Your saliva can’t do its job properly if your mouth is dry so be sure to drink water throughout the day.
By using these simple tips and making them a part of your dental hygiene habits, you can have beautiful, disease-free teeth and enjoy the sweet treats of Easter and every other chocolate-filled holiday too. HAPPY EASTER!

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