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Surgical Extraction

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Our purpose is to keep your teeth healthy and we will always do our best to save your tooth. There will be occasions where the only solution for the sake of your oral health is to remove (extract) a tooth.

What is a Surgical Extraction?

A simple extraction is a common procedure for a tooth that is visible above the gum line. A Surgical Extraction is the removal of a tooth beneath the gum line where some gum tissue or bone will also be removed to access the tooth.

When would I need a Surgical Extraction?

  • Impacted or partially impacted tooth, often a wisdom tooth
  • A cracked tooth that is fragile and may break into multiple pieces
  • A broken tooth if broken on or below the gum line
  • A tooth with long, curved or large roots
  • To treat some cases of periodontal disease

What are the benefits of a Surgical Extraction?

  • Removes the affected tooth and any remnants to prevent further dental pain.
  • Protects surrounding teeth from potential infection.

Surgical Extraction at Ruabon Road

Dr Will Hodgson has a special-interest in oral surgery and carries out all surgical extractions at Ruabon Road.

Surgical Extraction Journey at Ruabon Road

Appointment 1: Suitability assessment

X-rays/CT Scan


Return signed consent forms and pay deposit


Appointment 2: Surgical extraction

6 monthly routine hygiene sessions and reviews

Dentist in Wrexham surgically extracting a tooth

How much does a Surgical Extraction cost?

The fee for your consultation and suitability assessment with photographs and x-rays is £50. You may require a standard CT scan assessment at an additional charge of £146 or possibly a more in-depth CT scan assessment at £196.

Following your assessment, we will provide you with a treatment plan with detailed costings and after-care instructions for you to discuss, approve and sign off before any work is carried out.

The overall cost will depend on the complexity of your treatment. As a guide, a surgical extraction is £260.

We offer a finance plan with 0% interest to spread the cost of your investment.

How do I start?

Your dentist can refer you to Ruabon Road for your Surgical Extraction through our Dentist Referrals page or you can contact us directly to book your consultation with Dr Hodgson.

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